Body serves continued to be downright dangerous. Last but not least, the RF97 has a thin 21.5 mm beam all the way around. It’s definitely a racquet that requires solid technique and footwork. Hayden: Open level aggressive baseliner. ", Peter discovered that the RF97's weight made it easier for him to execute a smooth service motion. $287.96 Regular price $359.95 On Sale. It also has a surgical 97in² head, which translates into extra confidence when selecting ambitious targets. With the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph v13 Wilson updates Roger Federer's racquet with a new cosmetic but keeps everything else the same, including the magical target specs and sublime feel that Roger Federer helped engineer with the original red/black version. ", When Tennis Warehouse Europe's Zeljko had enough time to get the racquet into position on his groundstrokes, it offered great stability and power on his full swings. Groundstrokes – 7.5/10 . From: David, 11/11/20, Comments: They somehow improved on the v11.0! $135.96 Regular price $169.95 On Sale. wilson pro staff rf97 autograph. Roger’s heart and soul lives in the new Pro Staff RF97. ", Zeljko found it was easy to return serves when he was under pressure. Initially, I struggled a bit with the maneuverability when going for heavy spin, but I adapted to the heft after a few hitting sessions, and was eventually able to add rotation to serves with ease. Comments: I'm not quite sure how to explain it because the weight and plow remains as awesome Roger worked tirelessly with Wilson designers across the globe to breathe new life into the iconic Pro Staff. ... My Pro Staff 97s was set up at 380g [strung head taped and extra in handle]. The Wilson Pro Staff Autograph v13 has to be one of the most solid rackets of all time. I have received the new Pro Staffs a while ago and I know a lot of you have been looking forward to this Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 Review. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 V13.0 Tennis Racquet. Troy: 4.5 lefty all-court player with a semi-western Forehand and a two-handed backhand. The Lineup. The stringbed offered a precise response that allowed me to hit touch and angled volleys with ease. RF97 Technologies RF97 Technologies From the baseline, the RF97's 12.6 ounce weight and beefy 330+ swingweight make it perfect for the advanced ball striker who wants stability. That being said, a few racquets that compare are the Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (330), the Prince Bryan Bros Ltd Edition 95 and the ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro (325). Although serves and returns proved more demanding for some, our testers loved what this racquet had to offer once they got used to its heavier feel. At times I struggled to put topspin on the ball, especially when returning lower balls from my opponent, but that was never too big of an issue. ... Wilson Pro Staff 97L Tux STRUNG 4 1/4 (Tuxedo 10.2oz 290g 16x19 Light … Roger Federer helped Wilson to design this racket. From: Metz, 10/9/20, Comments: This is an awesome racquet! Roger worked tirelessly with Wilson designers across the globe to breathe new life into the iconic Pro Staff. It allowed me to simply focus on timing more than anything. ", Michelle also praised this racquet's stability, saying, "Stability continues to be one of the RF97's best attributes. He said, "I felt as though the racquet did a lot of the work for me, which was nice. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This racquet was always stable and effective when I was crushing volleys aggressively, but also when I was pulled wide and just sticking my racquet out to make something happen. SALE. The Pro Staff 97 weighs about 315g and the Pro Staff LS is only 290g. Great depth and groundstrokes. "When going for a flat first serve, this racquet can put a lot of pace on the ball," said Troy. With version 13.0, Wilson continues the outstanding tradition of precision that can only be associated with the Pro Staff moniker, and Roger Federer himself. I see why Federer's serve is so good. Please see pictures for details. $189.00. However, it was easy to fix this by adding an overgrip for more comfort. $239.96 Regular price $299.95 On Sale. He explained, "The significant mass of this racquet, along with the firm layup, yields an extremely stable feel on contact. I don't use this racquet much since it is my backup racquet. More often than not, this forced my opponents to hit a weak reply, allowing me to attack the next ball. I really liked the control and stability the RF97 Autograph offered off both wings on my groundstrokes. At only 10.8 ounces strung, the 97L will help you swing faster when loading the ball with pace and spin. or Best Offer +$13.65 shipping. I continue to feel that this racquet offers me the perfect combination of power, control, feel and plow through. The racquet provided excellent plow through, which translated to easy depth. When I wasn't trying to blast a first serve for an ace, this racquet allowed me to place the ball throughout the service box with plenty of accuracy. 10/10 Wilson. I would say anyone looking at this racquet will also want to take a look at the Prince Phantom Pro 93P. Details about Wilson Pro Staff RF97 new Tennis Racquet - Strung - 2 1/4''Grip See original listing. With a short take back and a good contact point, I was rewarded with easy cutaway volleys. I have a tendency to reach with just my left hand every now and then on my backhand side to hit a lefty forehand volley — I always laugh because the RF97 is the most effective racquet to execute this shot because of its stability. Watch; Wilson pro staff rf97 autograph. Image not available. Watch; Wilson pro staff rf97 autograph. Bidding is for both rackets. When I needed to hit a sharp cross-court angle the open string pattern allowed me to get the ball dipping down inside the lines. the ball. ", Hayden also appreciated the Pro Staff RF97's stability on returns. Featuring the same specifications and composition as its predecessor, this racquet caters to avid Roger Federer and Pro Staff fans by maintaining the signature precision and pure feel emblematic of the Pro Staff series. Peter: Open level aggressive baseliner. The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph (RF97A) is Roger Federer’s racquet of choice (his face is on the beam even!) $129.00. ... SALE. $249.00 - $334.93. wilson pro staff rf97 autograph. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Your California Privacy Rights | Accessibility*Price comparisons are based on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") or Original Selling Price. The personal racquet of a 20-time major champion, the Pro Staff RF97 v13 delivers premium performance and sleek design fit for a legend. If it's good enough for Roger, it's good enough for me! The amount of easy back spin was amazing. the ball almost anywhere with good depth and pace. Being that Federer is the master of the backhand slice, I can see why he chooses this racquet to take into battle; the ball stayed very low and penetrated through the court every time I hit my slice. During this playtest, I strung up English brand, QTS’ Black Turbo Spin 3 at 55lbs (no pre-stretch). Roger’s heart and soul lives in the new Pro Staff RF97. This is something I always wished happened to the RF97. I know this is smaller than a standard sized tennis head but it really makes it a perfect match for the advanced level players. All in all, on paper it doesn't seem like much of an $160 ... WILSON PRO STAFF RF97 AUTO AUTOGRAPH ROGER FEDERER TENNIS RACQUET NEW 4 1/4 V13. ", Hayden - "Due to the weight, I found it hard to really whip the ball, and as a result I couldn't generate the amount of topspin I'm used to. ", "I took the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph out for a month-long playtest to really get a good idea of what the racquet had to offer," began Hayden, also hailing from Tennis Only in Australia. The lightest frame in the Pro Staff series, the Wilson Pro Staff 97UL V13 Tennis Racquet offers superior precision at an arm-friendly swing weight for transitioning juniors and adults with elbow discomfort. I also wanted to compare these two racquets since the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 is a powerful, heavy racquet (stiffness rating RA 68 strung) and the Angell is quite plush around RA 62 and more of a control and feel-oriented racquet. Perhaps they changed the weight distribution slightly? From: Anonymous, 10/12/20, Comments: Plays similar if not better than v11 black that Roger used for his miracle He described, "When I was facing high-speed serves this racquet allowed me to deflect the ball back with ease. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. The ball would stay low and penetrate through the court on both offensive and defensive shots. As a member of the classic Pro Staff family, this racquet features Wilson's timeless Pro Staff formula, including a braided graphite/aramid layup, headlight balance, thin beam and Perimeter Weighting System. Like the previous generation, this update features the same silky texture and elegant simplicity. Strung weight: 12.6oz / 357.2g: Balance: 9 pts Head Light: Head size: 97 sq. Opens image gallery. The Pro Staff RF97 Autograph worked well with poly strings, but I thought it paired best with Champion's Choice, as it offered an excellent, plush feel. The racquet really dampens the vibration, which I really like. ", Troy - "This cosmetic update plays just about identically to the previous black version and the original version of 2015. This version, however, feels a lot more Get free shipping on orders over $50. Those rackets were awesome, but I’ve just changed to the new Pro Staff 98l which comes to 340g once I modified it to fit me as I like. It is less stiff than the Wilson Pro Staff RF97, which could be a large reason why people are drawn to it. Pro Staff 97 ULS Tennis Racket Frame WILSON WRT73181U1. ball early with good racquet speed. ", The Pro Staff RF97 Autograph offered Zeljko great touch and a stable feel when he was hitting his volleys. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Spin comes easy thanks to … or Best Offer. By the end of this playtest everyone was happy to report that this racquet remains one the best options available for advanced, big-swinging players. This legendary tennis racket is known as Pro Staff RF97 Autograph among the tennis players. "The heavier weight of the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph allowed me to block back some fast serves without any stability issues. "The RF97 allows me to tap into extra power potential that I don't often find in other racquets," said Michelle. It’s definitely a racquet that requires solid technique and footwork. $129.00. Minor chips on rackets but in very good shape. Wt 12.0 oz For this playtest our team strung the racquet with Federer's favorite string, Wilson's Champion's Choice, as well as a full bed of poly. From the beginning of the playtest, I was able to hit my groundstrokes deep in the court, and I surprisingly didn't have any issues with maneuverability. In today’s review, I’ll be taking a look at the Wilson Pro Staff Autograph v13, in particular. which might be a little springing for players in the 3.0-3.5 level. Nonetheless, returns that I was able to block back were excellent; I was able to redirect the pace into the desired corner. Also, I need a bit of resistance when I swing, and this racquet provides built-in control for my sometimes overly powerful style of play. $191.86 + $0.01 shipping . My backhand has always been early. He explained, "I could generate good stick on my shots with the flick of a wrist. Condition is "Used". "I currently play with the Babolat Pure Drive Plus, so this is a little bit different than what I'm used to. Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Tns Frm W/O, Unisex Adult Tennis Racket, Unisex Adult, Pro Staff RF97 TNS FRM W/O 4.5 out of 5 stars 64. ", Troy - "The Pro Staff RF97 can feel a bit unwieldy when hitting groundstrokes on the run and on kick serves. Both strung with hybrid strings at 55lbs. This is quite remarkable considering the weight of the RF97A making it a very difficult racquet to use. 20% OFF. When I was able to fully accelerate through my first serve I could do a lot of damage with the RF97. With a standard length of 27 inches, Pro Staff RF97 features 97 square inches’ head size. ", Peter - "Despite its heavier weight, the Pro Staff RF97 had relatively easy handling from the baseline and net. SHOP NOW. ABOUT PRO STAFF RF97. In today’s review, I’ll be taking a look at the Wilson Pro Staff Autograph v13, in particular. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Tennis Frame Unstrung, Without Cover at New Listing Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph v12 Black/White Roger Federer Tuxedo L3 4-3/8. upgrade, but once you play with it you can feel the improvements from v11 and is well worth the splurge. I'm used to a little more maneuverability, especially for quick reflex volleys. SALE. When it comes to the racquet’s stiffness, it sits on the mid to upper end of the spectrum with an RA rating of 68. "When my timing was on I really could load up my serves and get them pushing my opponents back, which allowed me to be offensive right off the bat. Original black grip. Our team decided this would be the perfect opportunity to expand the playtest to Europe and Australia to get a global perspective on this surgical weapon. A denser string bed delivers unmatched precision and feel across the racket face. Troy currently plays with a Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (330). Another attractive feature that draw players to the Wilson Pro Staff 97 is the weight. This racquet really penetrates She said, "While this update was purely cosmetic, I was still excited to playtest it! I expect to wield this frame to a US Open title by 2027 as no other Last but not least, the RF97 has a thin 21.5 mm beam all the way around. You need to be in very good shape to be able to hit with this racquet for more than one set.
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