This will make it easier to understand when the plans are created and their value to the project. Here are some things to consider when creating the Product Descriptions. We already covered this in the Quality Theme and learned that a detailed Project Product Description is very important to understand what needs to be produced by the project and to understand the required quality. pt Team Plans are actually optional and PRINCE2 does not prescribe the format or composition of a team plan. A team manager produces a team plan to cover the work which need to execute one or more work packages. This is not a plan for the whole project it's just a plan for an initiation stage and this plan is created during the starting up project process. Microsoft and MS Project are the registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. Facilitate complete Product-Based Planning process. PRINCE2 does not provide a format for a Team Plan, and Teams can be from different suppliers who might have their own plan format. Dependencies: Look for dependencies between the activities and note them. Plans are the backbone of the management information system of any project and a project's plans must always be kept in step with the Business Case. Creating the product breakdown structure: Listing all products that need to be created. Career Opportunities for PRINCE2 Foundation. it Now to say the important thing here is the level of detail that must be and not detail for the project manager to manage that stage. Following the product-based planning technique entails a number of benefits, such as 1. • Establishing clearly the products that must be created on a pr… Manage by Exception is one of the PRINCE2 principles, where each management level delegates some authority to the lower level and the lower level is responsible to escalate issues if they pass a certain tolerance level. The actor planning helps the project management team to think ahead and to mentally "run through" the project and i believe this is one aspect to plan which is often undervalued adding to think through the sequence of events and gonna happen that sometimes help you but only to make sure that you're going through things in the right sequence that to identify the source of problems that you may come up against a long way. A plan must therefore contain sufficient information to show that these targets are achievable. It is a good idea to involve a group of people (workshop) who represent the different interests of the project, such as User, Supplier, and people having specific knowledge. Comparision of PRINCE2 Foundation eLearning Courses. However, this will only identify the products required, a plan also needs the activities to be identified, the resources needed to carry out the activities, and control points along with the narrative that make up the complete plan document. A Plan is the backbone of the management information system required for any project. Plan Description: A text description of the Plan to help explain it. Here is a simple overview of the planning steps in a typical project. This is called the planning horizon, i.e., as far ahead as you can see. Plans require the approval and commitment of the appropriate level of management. How is the Project Plan used by the Project Board? Budget Information: Cost, time of project, provisions for Risk & Change Budget. Project Teams in PRINCE2 Since PRINCE2 is more of a project organizational system than a general project management knowledge base like the PMBOK Guide, the project organizational structure is very well defined. The Project Manager will coordinate most of the work in preparing this document. The original plan could also be compared to the plan during the project or the plan at the end of the project to see how well the project is doing in relation to the original plan. The Project Product Description should be as detailed and complete as possible, and it can have the following format. This is easy to create, maintain and read and, most importantly, it is a good way to communicate with stakeholders that need this information. Individual stage plan have much more details at each stage plan it created tools at the end of the preceding stage. This involves a series … Clarifying what is in and out of scope; this helps to avoid “scope creep.”. Update the Business Case and Risk Log to reflect the latest information. Approve Project Plan and can approve Stage-Level Exceptions Plans.
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