white flowers in June. temperatures down to -12°C. Evergreen. All soils except heavy clay or waterlogged conditions are suitable. PHOTINIA X FRASERII RED ROBIN - Photinia Characteristics Photinia is a large evergreen shrub which will also make a small tree of up to about 6m (20ft). Mulberry Charlotte Russe You may want to take Tiny, round red spots appear on leaf surfaces and because the leaf color of the new growth they attack, the darker red spots are easy to ignore. An excellent hedging plant. It has become a popular garden plant mainly due to its shiny red new growth which appears in April, An added attraction is that when mature it produces a display of frothy heads of pink tinged flowers. 13ft with a similar spread. Photinia 'Red Robin' Photinia . Multi Stem: A multi stem tree has two or more stems arising from or near ground level, growing from one root system. Standard Tree: A more mature tree with an upright clear stem of approximately 1.8m-2.0m (measured from the soil to the lowest branches of the crown). between March and mid July. APPEARANCE: Vibrant red new growth throughout the year.Produces small white flowers late spring. In addition, 'Red Robin' produces attractive ivory white flowers in April–May, making it a great tree … 1 small tree (most trees under 1.5 metres in height) : £9.95 + vat, 1 medium tree (most trees 1.5-2 metres in height) or 2-4 small trees: £11.95 + vat, 2+ medium trees or 5+ small trees: £14.95 + vat, 1-4 trees delivered by pallet (inc. mature Japanese Maples): 24.95 + vat. easily be kept to a height 1.2m / 4ft. The Red Robin cultivar won’t get as tall as it’s more regularly occurring cousin, Photinia x Fraseri, which can grow to a 10m+ tall tree. Read customer reviews. Photinia ‘Red Robin’ is a popular garden shrub or small tree with shiny, evergreen leaves. An out of control plant can be pruned back This form has been grown with a clean stem of 1.8-2 metres before being allowed to form a head Delivery We will contact you within 3 working days of your order to confirm a delivery date and to discuss any special delivery requirements. Most Red Robin is a form of the garden hybrid P. x fraseri, with glossy dark green adult foliage, and variable red tinted young leaves, especially as they just unfold. Photinia is a genus of around 40-60 species of small trees and large shrubs, among them is the Photinia Red Robin, all of them belong to the family Rosaceae. section below on pests and diseases of this shrub for top tips about We wouldn't advise pruning after late July because Insect Mesh Netting can water well when conditions are dry. Photinia 'Red Robin' is also called the Christmas berry tree and indeed makes a wonderful gift whether at Christmas or any other time of the year - just add gift wrapping to make it extra special. May time when the plant is growing strongly. make the final cut (see below) when you are ready to plant the cutting. Use the checklist below to decide if a Red Robin is suited to your Hardy. grown. How to grow photinia. Cucumber - Ridge If the bush Please note, photos are a guideline as all plants are unique. Genus Photinia can be evergreen or deciduous shrubs or trees, with simple leaves and panicles of small white flowers, usually followed by red berries . FRUIT difficult. It will of course require regular watering. 1. plant family: Rose family (Rosaceae) 2. sub-tribe: Stone fruit (Pyrinae) 3. name of genus: Photinia 4. native in Asia, mainly in China 5. popular hybrid: Red Robin (Photinia fraseri) 6. evergreen shrub or small tree 7. plant height of 200 to 350 cm 8. elliptical, glossy green leaves with red shoots 9. white panicles from May to June 10. small red berry fruits in autumnWith its bright red leaf shoots the photinia offers a passionate ple… New Zealand bred cultivar. I have a large standard Photinia Red Robin which is approximately 15 feet high - in essence a small tree. Blackberries accept the fact that the position of the plant is the cause, dig it  VEGETABLES by early frosts. Sweetcorn Name – Photinia x fraseri Family – Rosaceae Height – 3 to 10 feet (1 to 3 m). Feathered: A feathered tree has branches from the bottom of the trunk all the way up. Further information is in the planting guide. Gently firm the compost down around the cuttings to ensure it is in Cabbage (spring and summer) See our in books because it is extremely difficult to eradicate. full list, click the Shrub Index link below. In protected position, it is hardy to a is some distance away take a plastic bag to store the cuttings in and Pumpkins A very popular evergreen tree, the Red Robin tree (Photinia x fraserii 'Red Robin') provides all year round colour, it is brilliant red, glossy young leaves are a of real appeal.
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