Again, caution is advised: the glacier was named for a railroad employee who disappeared in 1905 while trekking on the ice. Glacier Park occupies land homesteaded by the owner’s family in the early sixties. This is because there is not a lot of light that can reach the ice at that depth. There is a maintained trail that leads one-third of a mile on to the toe of the glacier, to an area that is marked off with tables and chairs to have a great lunch and enjoy the view. Caves are carved out by water running through the glacier producing one of the most popular features of an Alaskan winter. If you are interested in joining us head over to the contact section and give us a call. Yes! RESULTS: DNA and RNA were extracted from samples of the Matanuska Glacier basal ice. See current Gray Line Alaska travel specials. Walking through the first ice cave we came across at Matanuska glacier. 21 reviews of MICA Guides "Absolute amazing experience. I could upload about 100 amazing pictures for this hike, but limited to 8, so I tried to pick the best. Yet another Alaskan winter is upon us here at the Matanuska Glacier. Your first sighting of the majestic Matanuska Glacier is breathtaking. Check with Tongass park officials about local guide companies that can take you there. The Byron Glacier Ice caves killed a woman in July of 2018 the roof of these blue ice caves partially collapsed on camera in Spring 2019. Matanuska Glacier, just 100 miles north-east of Anchorage, Alaska, is the largest glacier in the United States that you can access by car.This valley glacier is located in southcentral Alaska’s Matanuska-Susitna Valley (known to the locals as Mat-Su or The Valley) and terminates in the Matanuska River. Discover and book Matanuska Glacier Ice Fall Trek from Anchorage on Tripadvisor. If you have little to no experience hiking on the ice, then we strongly suggest our guided hiking tours. MATANUSKA GLACIER CAVES -Enjoy a glacier hike with Matanuska Glacier Adventures! Description: Join one of our guides on a once-in-a-lifetime excursion from the lodge out to the terminus of the Matanuska Glacier. People have DIED in ice caves when tons of ice collapsed on their heads. The glacier is constantly changing, so we cannot guarantee any specific features more than a week in advance. Glowing blue walls of ice, light seeping through cracks and holes, rushing and dripping water and loose rock and mud shifting under foot – this is not a journey for the faint of heart or shaky of foot, but one you’ll not want to miss if you’re up for the challenge! Matanuska Glacier (near Anchorage) View on Map. Our guide, Kathleen was excellent. If viewing a glacier from a safe distance is more your style, and if you’d like to get an overview of the different types of glaciers in Alaska, take the Prince William Sound 26 Glacier Cruise that departs from Anchorage. No problem! Between the sheer beauty of the Matanuska Glacier and the friendliness and competency of our guide (Ari, not sure if I am spelling her name correctly) this was a day I will never forget. Alaska Ice Cave Tours on Matanuska Glacier. The glacier itself, visible from the Glenn Highway (Pro tip: the best view is at Mile 101) is 27 miles long and four miles wide and accessible through the private Matanuska Glacier Park. Samples of exposed basal ice at the terminus of the Mat-anuska Glacier (Additional file 1: Figure S1) were col-lected in July 2013 using an electric chainsaw (61.776 N 147.761 W, 510-m elevation). The snow has fallen, covering the many cracks and crevasses of the glacier. This massive glacier is about 60 miles from Anchorage, south of the Turnagain Arm area of the Kenai Mountains in the Chugach National Forest. The sun has been shining and the weather has been perfect for glacier trekking so don’t miss out on the fun! Find Ice Cave On Matanuska Glacier Ice stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. The most famous Alaskan ice caves are located under Mendenhall, Root, Spencer, Matanuska, and Kennicott Glaciers. With this, glacier caves are beginning to form within the ice. While visiting Root Glacier, you’ll have the chance to explore tide pools on the surface of the glacier as well as its ice caves, deep ravines, and moulins – the holes that melting water cut into the ice. Review of Matanuska Glacier Reviewed August 22, 2018 We took a 4 hour guided tour to a newly opened (recently drained) ice cave. The most common is formed when a flowing stream moves beneath a glacier or snowfield and carves a kind of tunnel. See how we’re responding to the COVID19 situation in Alaska. The glacier terminates in Spencer Lake surrounded by alpine mountain vistas. Tour Matanuska Glacier Into the unknown: ice caves November 14, 2017 Yet another Alaskan winter is upon us here at the Matanuska Glacier. A word of warning: the very nature of glaciers make ice caves unstable and dangerous, so know the risks and your own skill level before attempting to trek to these frozen vistas by yourself. Droppings do not decompose on the ice. Toll Free The snow has fallen, covering the many cracks and crevasses of the glacier. If you are not experienced in glacier travel hire someone who is. Matanuska Glacier, Alaska. The water that flows from it creates the wild Matanuska River. Here at the Matanuska Glacier, we are more than fortunate to … Under the edge of the Kennicott Glacier is a world that few get to see and experience. Inside of a glacier cave, the walls are dark blue. Sutton, AK 99674 USA Please no cigarette butts on the ice. The road-accessible glacier is a popular spot for summer ice climbers. Yet another Alaskan winter is upon us here at the Matanuska Glacier. Some 15,000 years ago, this glacier reached another 50 miles west to the Palmer area. A trekker ice-climbs on the Matanuska Glacier off the Glenn Highway, near Anchorage, Alaska, United States in July 2003. We are booking Matanuska Glacier Tours for 2021. Ice caves on the Matanuska Glacier are often elusive, but our guides are out there every day and if there’s one that we can get you to we’ll know about it! 66500 S Glacier Park Rd ** UNGUIDED GLACIER ACCESS IS AVAILABLE ONLY IN THE SUMMERTIME. If you are among the skilled and adventurous explorers who decide to go it alone, tell someone where you’re going and then brag about it when you get back. Following (Marc Lester / Alaska Dispatch News) The Mendenhall Glacier ice caves are among the world’s most stunning, with their eerie, swelling blue domes that resemble the underside of a rapid river, flash-frozen. Clean up after your dog. Visitors can explore and learn about glacial features such as crevasses and ice caves. There's so much to explore at the Aletsch Glacier, but explorers won't want to miss the breathtaking ice caves found at the glacier's edge. All you do is follow Castner Creek for about 1.1 miles until you come to the glacier caves at the front of Castner Glacier. You can contact Matanuska Glacier Adventures to see what they are able to provide. Please do not litter with anything including biodegradable products The highlight was kayaking to a couple of ice caves in the glacier. Princess Cruises, Princess Lodges, Holland America Line & Westmark Hotels, 15 Amazing and Free things to Do in Anchorage. Telephone 907-745-2534 For the hikers experienced in glacier travel. The enchanting Root Glacier is located in America’s largest national park, the 13.2 million-acre Wrangell-St. Elias. The caves … A visit to Root Glacier includes views of Donoho Peak and the rock-covered Kennicott Glacier, which might not look glacial, but there is actually ice underneath the dirt and stones. A quick drive from Anchorage and even quicker drive from Palmer, you can view the stunning and massive Matanuska Glacier. Matanuska Glacier Park guide and caretaker Bill Stevenson looks at ice inside a cave-like feature at the toe of Matanuska Glacier on February 23, 2017. The changing light, infinite shades of blue, and the sounds of the ice make glacier hiking a unique experience. It’s better to order a tour with an experienced guide … … The snow has fallen, covering the many cracks and crevasses of … Now that you’ve been inspired to visit the unparalleled beauty of Alaska’s stunning ice caves, be sure to peruse the exciting Alaska tour offerings from Gray Line Alaska to complement your visit to one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Matanuska Glacier is on its way down and is no exception to the hard and fast rule of gravity and the nature of ice rivers.
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