This large gap could be explained by the fact that there were not many cinderblock ovens in our study site which prevented us being able to make a thorough estimate of cinderblock oven performance. Post Reply. Alejandro Estrada We found that cinderblock ovens have a smoking time of 5 hr. (a) Suspended iron banda. Figure 5. In their study of five communities in the same area, Mulo and Ngueguim (2014), found that 83% of fish smokers used traditional ovens and 11% used metal ovens. T tests were used in order to compare ovens yields and to compare the amount of wood consumed and the quantity of fish smoked. (2014) the sector is characterized by high levels of illiteracy 85%, 89%, and 95%, respectively. Direct observations were made of the conditions to which fish smokers were exposed (smoke, heat, flames). The geographical coordinates of the locality are 4° 20′ to 4° 50′ N latitude and 8° 30′ to 9° 00′ E longitude (Din, 2001). The site is bordered to the north by Korup National Park, to the east by the city of Kumba, to the south by the Mungo river, and to the west by the Akwafe river, which forms the border between Cameroon and Nigeria (the Bakassi Peninsula). Population pressure also causes mangrove destruction in unprotected areas, especially around settlements, villages, and towns where poverty and land issues force people to move onto any open land they can (ENVI-REP Cameroun, 2010). Mangroves are known to sequester much more carbon than continental forests (Cordonnier, 2011). smoke for making babies strong (Belyuen) axe handles and digging sticks (Belyuen) Aegialitis annulata ... An important bivalve which is found in dead and decaying mangrove wood is called "mangrove worm", Teredo spp. Toshiba Figure 2. Report Post Likes(0) Quote Reply Posted: 25 Jan 2010 at 12:19pm. Distance to the collection site and the cost of the wood were less important. Members Profile. The wood is considered very eco-friendly, as some Mango plantations harvest the trees for lumber after they have completed their useful fruit-bearing lifespan. Thus, smoking is highly dependent on mangrove forests (Ajonina, 2008; Ajonina, 2001). More wood is used in Down Beach, and Eyengue, and particularly in Idenau, than in other communities. Use dry wood. Wood chips. Mangrove Charcoal is a great source for BBQ or grilling. Interviews were conducted in the fish smoker’s kitchens. It is now widely recognized, however, that conservation legislation is of fundamental importance to successful mangrove management systems (Van Lavieren et al., 2012 cited in Z. N. Feka, 2015). In this Florida Keys fishing video, join us for a day of flats fishing in the lower keys on our flats boat. The majority of fish smokers were from Cameroon (47.3%), followed by Ghana (23.45%), Nigeria (22.63%), and Benin (6.6%). Wood utilization intensity in study site according to respondents. Because there is no electricity in some villages in southwest Cameroon, and also because of population growth, there is considerable pressure on forest resources, which results in increasing deforestation. All statistical tests were performed at the significance level of α = 5%. Wood is generally the preferred fuel for rural people because it is easily available, dispersed throughout the rural habitat, and can usually be obtained without major costs. On average, a traditional oven has a capacity of 528.5 kg of fish and consumes 1,204.5 kg of wood with a smoking time of 53 hr. Small-scale fish smokers (47.7%), who we classify as having wood expenses less than or equal to 70€, were mostly located in Batoke, Esobe, Njonji, and Bakingili. (b) Waste from beach. It is clear that cinderblock ovens are more economical. We also stock Honeybrix Premium Briquettes and Premium Binchotan Charcoal We also stock a range of smoking pellets and chip to suit most needs.
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