Although the field of cross-cultural consumer services is relatively new, it has tremendous potential for developing insights into the services marketing literature. Despite such lessons from the international marketing efforts of brick-and-mortar companies, a review of current marketing industry standards about consumer research indicates that the importance of culture as a means of qualifying online consumers is not yet fully recognized and integrated into industry lexicon. This paper examines current literature addressing cross-cultural consumer research. Specifically, consumer research in demographics, psychographics, decision making, and the diffusion of innovation is examined from the perspective of extending these areas of study to the Indian market. Cross-Cultural Consumer Research: a Twenty-Year Review @article{Sojka1995CrossCulturalCR, title={Cross-Cultural Consumer Research: a Twenty-Year Review}, author={Jane Z. Sojka and P. Tansuhaj}, journal={ACR North American Advances}, year={1995} } ... T1 - The horizontal/vertical distinction in cross-cultural consumer research. The importance of consumer goods exists in their ability to convey and communicate cultural meanings. This broad definition includes both contemporary cross-cultural psychology and cultural psychology. This transfer Cross-cultural study is an extremely important activity for a multinational marketer. AU - Shavitt, Sharon. We may even assume that we all define the word “culture” the same way. McCracken‟s cultural categories in the light of cross-cultural research suggests that consumer goods have a far greater importance that reaches beyond their practical and business significance (Applbaum and Jordt, 1996). There are a great many cross-cultural variations in consumer behavior that are of particular interest to the marketer operating in more than one culture. Recognizing the intersectionality of multiple identities as well as the common values of a culture is a challenge that many cross-cultural trainers have yet to embrace. 1980. p. 1). We argue for the importance of a relatively new cultural distinction in the horizontal (valuing equality) or vertical (emphasizing hierarchy) nature of cultures and cultural orientations. As inhabitants of Western culture, we tend to assume that the way we develop from infancy to adulthood is exactly the same, or universal, everywhere else in the world. View 4 Recommendations To the linear models of the past and with the more sophisticated techniques and research tools of today, cross-cultural research is moving towards more complex designs. Cross-Cultural Psychology Definition “Cross-cultural psychology is concerned with the systematic study of behavior and experience as it occurs in different cultures, is influenced by culture, or results in changes in existing cultures” (Triandis. This is a very important issue because an observed difference could be the result of any other difference or complex casual interactions between or among the cultures compared. The Importance of Cross-cultural Research in Child Development. proposes a decision-making model that explains the co-adoption of three environmental behaviors such as sourcing electricity from green suppliers, purchasing green products and using public transport. Corpus ID: 168492616. Further, the fifth contribution to this Special Issue on cross-cultural and cross-national consumer research by Newton et al. AU - Lalwani, Ashok K. AU - … Cultural research can help validate existing theoretical paradigms, enrich our current theorizing, and may even lead to new theories (Bagozzi, 1994).
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