It will be made for you to your specifications. Since the bridge-plate cannot be removed and the bridge-pin holes cannot be repaired internally using a Specialist Inlaying and Cutting Tool, the only course of action is to rout through the soundboard and through the bridge-plate (don’t try this at home folks). Vintage Posters; Vintage Catalogues; Galleries. Articles by Matthew Pre-War D-28 Style Guitar made in 1978 By Matthew Klein. Helping you … Call us: 07881741191. Established 25years ago, authorised Gibson and Taylor service centre, we repair all brands and types of guitars, everything from changing one string to getting your guitar to play the way you want, inc upgrades and customizations to make it your own. This model has been called the Nick Drake model because of the association with him during the 70s. Also the area along the length of the split will need to be reinforced. They are honed and re-profiled and the truss-rod is adjusted. Can do headstock repairs and others too. Also wooden clothes pegs were glued here and there as a misguided attempt to strengthen various parts of the soundboard. Jonny not only restored the wiring, he fixed the binding, dressed the frets and cleaned half a century of grime from all the hardware on the guitar. Layer upon layer of this mix is sprayed onto the neck to eventually fill the grain and to bring the finish up above the surface. More info about removing and resetting a guitar neck here…. Flame Guitars is based in Sutton, South London, and is owned by David Kennett. Guitar Yard specialises in the repair and restoration of vintage and non-vintage guitars, including Fender, Jaguar, Gibson, Les Paul and other stringed instruments as well as T-shirts, posters and art. These and discarded and a new bone nut and saddle are made and fitted. The only option is to make a new bridge in the style of the old one and position the saddle slot correctly. The guitar has got a few problems. Also available: genuine Fender products. In 1986 he became the Founder and Senior Design Engineer of the Fender Custom Shop along with design engineer John Page. All it takes is a little tug and the whole repair comes apart. With all bridge-lifting or bellying issues the first thing to look at is the internal structure of the soundboard. i have 1 new 2015 les paul traditional, and 3 second hand. fujigen archtop masterfield mfa fp guitar gibson strings mint made in japan. - a photo on Flickriver Gibson Service Repair Centers. Aiming to be the best store in London for all things Gibson and Epiphone both new and vintage so please come down for a look and as i'am based on the shop floor it should be easy to find me. Small holes are drilled through the guitar rib for the string to pass through. This 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, AKA “Burst” was in need of a refret and a good setup. It had a high playing action and on closer inspection I could see that the neck had been refitted. The soundboard is ladder-braced with 5 lateral braces across its width. The end is trimmed down and a piece of Mahogany glued into place. David builds custom electric guitars and provides a repair, servicing and setup facility for all types of guitars. He even maimed that guitar – there are photos of Townshend in 1967 at London’s Saville Theatre with the 6/12 guitar, obviously rebuilt, as the necks are at splayed angles and a there’s clearly visible repair in the body between the necks. Also photos of the CW’s new tuners that have been authentically aged by it’s owner. This is an all Mahogany guitar: Mahogany soundboard, back, ribs and neck. Our Brief in this instance was to remove the internal ladder bracing, replace with a scalloped X brace system to give the guitar a more balanced tone and to accentuate the bass tone. A section of new Spruce is laid over the bridge footprint and levelled off. Home; About; Instruments. Also it is not intonated correctly over the bridge saddle. Bob Dylan used this model back in the early so called “Coffeehouse Days” more info on Dylans guitar’s Here…. Decorative Mother of Pearl dots are inlayed over the bolt heads.
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