Rugged, mysterious, and incredibly eye-catching, Big Sur is one of Central … An island city, Cedar Key perfectly defines “low-key”. Businesses in small Central Coast town that depend on tourists say they’re barely holding on KSBY Santa Barbara-San Luis Obispo, CA. After San Simeon you’ll find the closure at Ragged Point. Once downtown, you can pretty much throw a rock and hit a bar. Looks to be more my pace rather than Southern California. It’s been described to us (many times, mostly by locals) as “what Napa was like 30 years ago.”. It’s sort of like packing for San Francisco – layer up so you can strip down during the day and warm back up when the temperature drops at night! Psst: We have a bunch of other posts about traveling in California! If you’re traveling along Highway 1 – perhaps enjoying the Highway 1 Discovery Route – Cambria and San Simeon are 2 essential stops. Major crops include wine grapes, lettuce, strawberries, and artichokes. Find a coastal urban buzz in Ventura and Oxnard, then head east to the artsy Ojai Valley, which looks like a vintage orange-crate label come to life. They sound delicious. It serves up old school steakhouse dishes, but that’s not why you should stop here. Don’t expect to be provided a bucket. There are so many places to visit in the Central Coast that are woefully under-appreciated, and as a local, I’m personally insulted. The Central Coast's towns draw holidaymakers from Sydney with their beachside markets, art galleries and cafés, often just metres from the sand. But be aware that as a general rule, the further inland you head, the warmer it gets: Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo, for example, are not directly on the ocean and can get hot during the day. It also doubles as a college town for Cal Poly, so don’t be surprised if you walk into a bar and find it filled with frat boys holding red solo cups yelling “SAKE BOMB!”. The scenery looks gorgeous and the food sounds great. I'm also a high school teacher, which means I get to subject all of my students to my sass and terrible jokes daily. Astoria isn't technically a "beach town," as it sits not on the ocean but at the mouth of the … On my next trip, I’ll definitely need to stop off. Bring a jacket, especially for early morning and evening. We would love to visit. California is the best state for Road Trips! This is where Central Coast (and Central Valley) folks head for a day at the beach or a relaxing resort vacation. Photo by @piliitaa, A post shared by SLO CAL (@slocal) on Mar 30, 2018 at 1:57pm PDT. Too far? We’ve only explored a bit of it but would definitely love to go back and do a longer road trip through the Central Coast. We’ll have a whole post up about it soon, stay tuned! Ettalong is a quiet, yet growing village by the sea-side, situated near Umina and Woy Woy on the Central Coast. Although there is an airport in San Luis Obispo, most of the flights are regional and the airport is quite small. How do you feel about sipping a foamy beer while watching the waves roll into the harbor? Disclaimer: Part of our trip to the Central Coast was sponsored by Travel Paso and we were generously lent a car from Toyota for our road trip. })(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-P6R8DKB'); 8 Quintessential Places to Visit on California's Central Coast, 8 Marvelous Things to Do in Mendocino, California on a Weekend Getaway, The 10 Best Weekend Trips from San Francisco, California: A Local's Guide, Las Vegas on a Budget: A Massive Local's Guide to Sin City on the Cheap, Where to Eat in Oakland, California: A Local's Guide, The 11 Best Wineries in Paso Robles, California, 12 Off-Beat Places to Stay Near San Francisco (on a budget), The Ultimate Self-Guided Los Angeles Brewery Tour, The 24 Best Northern California Hikes (Near San Francisco Bay Area), The Ultimate Self-Guided Walking Tour of San Francisco: A Local's Guide. San Luis Obispo Region Let us help give your trip super chill vibes by sending you our favorite tips for visiting California - straight to your inbox. Wineries aren’t the only claim to fame in Paso Robles: there’s also a blossoming distillery and craft brewery scene. Wow what a guide! Along with world-class wine, spirits, and craft beer, Paso Robles has a booming food scene. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Morro Bay is my hometown), and a ton of wildlife. They’re so good! The recommendations sound great! I mean, look: we’re totally biased, but driving the Pacific Coast Highway is the best road trip in the entire world, and the Central Coast is full of the best places to stop on the Pacific Coast Highway. The Entrance. If you’re feeling like something more Mexican inspired, Looking for a nice shvitz after a day of drinking? Plus, we've included our San Francisco walking tour, and we'll send you some helpful tips to plan your trip. Here’s why we think these stops are fantastic. The Central Coast in California is its own thing! Your email address will not be published. This will come in handy as I am currently planning a big trip home to Cali and want to do a full scale road trip to show my German husband my home! I spent months gesturing animatedly (OK, furiously jabbing) at maps before Lia finally agreed that the Central Coast was neither SoCal nor NorCal. He’ll appreciate that you liked them . Our favorite way to spend a weekend is to hop into a car and head down the Pacific Coast Highway, sea breeze whipping Lia’s hair into my mouth somehow, cheap sunglasses glinting in the sun, singing along to our Driving in California Playlist (it is a road trip worthy of its own playlist). California has beaches of all shapes and sizes. There’s NorCal and SoCal. Legal. Just north of Los Angeles, the Central Coast’s Ventura Region is home to rugged mountains, sandy beaches, fertile farmland, and a lively arts scene. That sounds like a great family trip Have fun, Tony! Visitors to Paso Robles can expect warm and dry weather, as well as drinking straight up buckets of wine. It’s certainly photogenic. In partnership with Visit California and the Central Coast Tourism Council. It has boutique … The vibe here is super mellow, a little bit Wild West, and very chill surfer. Sure, it’s not technically on the Central Coast, but it’s a great detour during a super-bloom! Sea lions!) As an Amazon Affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Explore the real California — unspoiled coastline, rolling vineyards, and golden hills — on the Original Road Trip through the four regions of the Central Coast. Get insider tips for visiting California! Create the perfect road trip for any passion — surfing, kayaking, and biking for outdoors enthusiasts; classic architecture and history for culture hounds; and fresh local seafood, Santa Maria-style barbecue, and farmers’ market bounty for anyone looking for authentic eats. And I like that you stand up for the Central Coast’s independence ;P I’ve been to Cambria before – it’s beautiful! Posted: Dec 18, 2020 / 09:18 PM PST / … Personally, I find the title to be fairly self-explanatory: it’s in the central coast region of California. That said, there are loads of places to get a fantastic meal. San Luis Obispo Region. We have to make a return visit since it was new years eve and most places were closed. I loved the puns. How long did you stay in California for? Facts. (function(w,d,s,l,i){w[l]=w[l]||[];w[l].push({'gtm.start': Yesss next time you find yourself back in the states! I’m glad to hear that! Would love to check out the cute little spots you mentioned in the smaller towns! So while you’ll spot otters and sea lions and smell salt air in Morro Bay and catch fantastic waves in Cayucos, if you try to spend a day on the beach you’re likely to get frostbite … or lose your wallet in the fog. You should also check out this Charming Baywood Cottage for the cutest little garden and coziest home feel! I love the look of Pismo Beach, definitely somewhere I’ll stop and photograph . Big Sur. Oh, only a wildflower bloom so large you can see it FROM SPACE. Many tourists drive Highway 1 along the California Central Coast throughout the year. Last Year I visited CA with my office mates because of some office work so we don’t have to much time to admire the beauty of CA, but thanks to god that we are going back again at the end of this month with our family for a week, so I was looking for a blog where I can get the best things to do there thanks for recommendations ! I went up to Santa Barbara and stayed in Carpinteria for a few days last year and loved it, and your guide has me really wanting to explore more of the coast and some of the off-the-beaten track destinations. Abundant in Spanish-style buildings and pristine beaches lined with palm trees, the coastal city bewitches visitors with its captivating attractions. San Luis Obispo is a great town to do a bar crawl in, because everything is walking distance. Hey, you're rad! It’s under construction at the moment but hopefully by the time you plan your trip out here it will be fixed! Dang, I need to get myself to California! Thanks for sharing such a wonderfully detailed (and pretty!) We do have the occasional road construction and accident traffic tie-ups, but they usually only impede traffic flow for a few minutes before you are moving again. But which Central Californian Coast cities should you check out alongside Pismo Beach? You may have heard of it as the setting of “Finding Dory,” however, there is no Marine Life Institute and no one calls it “The jewel of Morro Bay, California.” Sorry to burst your bubbles, kids. I would never go back. From boogying next to the ocean and amongst vineyards to experiencing the historic @fremontslo, what is your favorite #SLOCAL concert venue? Hopefully Paso doesn’t get TOO much love and have to go the way of Napa! For lunch, you can’t go wrong with local favorite, For a casual and incredible filling meal, look no further than, There are a lot of fresh sushi options around (. Such beautiful photos! Here’s where to warm up. I think there’s a town ordinance somewhere that says if you grow up in Morro Bay, you have to work in a restaurant on the waterfront at some point: everyone I know has. Just don’t imagine any swaying palm trees or warm breezes – Morro Bay is freezing cold at night. Oh, did I mention the Central Coast is beautiful? The pace of life is slower here and the scenery is beautiful. Unsubscribe at any time. Can’t wait to have some Central Cost fun! Jokingly referred to as “Three Stacks and a Rock,” Morro Bay is home to great restaurants, friendly locals (like me! Wikipedia says it’s SoCal.”. Trying to plan! Situated between the Salinas River and the Santa Lucia Coastal Range, Paso Robles (known locally as simply “Paso”) is one of the world’s leading wine regions. Just kidding. From what I have read and heard there are too many people from heavily populated areas of SoCal and NorCal heading to the central coast small towns (as well as other rural parts were of CA). 1. I’m so glad you’re bringing attention to one of my favorite areas of California. Morro Bay is fixed on a natural harbor, making it a fantastic place to see marine wildlife, as well as an adorable little coastal town. A necessary stop is the famous Madonna Inn. Do it!! WOW! Terrigal Beach. Take a day trip to Carrizo Plains in the early spring and you might just catch while tule elk and pronghorns munching flowers on either side of the ambling road. The Central Coast includes some of the classic tourist country of California – particularly the scenic version of the drive (or train ride) from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Kids aren’t the only ones who love building sandcastles at the beach. Monterey State Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches on the Central Coast. The Spanish colonialists traveled along the Central Coast – roughly on the route of Highway 1 – and created missions at Santa Cruz, San Juan Bautista, Carmel, Soledad, Jolon, San Miguel, San Luis Obispo, Lompoc, Solvang, Santa Barbara, and San Buenaventura (Ventura). Hey, I'm Jeremy! As for the weather, California’s coast is generally foggy and cool – not hot and sunny, like you might expect. What I like best about the Central Coast is the easy traffic flow. What that means is there’s no nightlife, nary a hotel to speak of, and not much in the way of tourist traps – but that just means you’ll be discovering what the locals already know: Los Osos is quietly awesome and a nature lover’s dream. This FREE printable Highway One itinerary will help guide you on your road trip! Well, maybe not tropical, but there ARE a few palm trees. Thanks Emily! Central Coast is perfectly situated exactly 4 hours south of San Francisco and 4 hours north of Los Angeles, so you can take your pick. Emphasizing the unchanged, the Zephyrhills Depot Museum shares city history and railroad memorabilia inside the restored 1927 Atlantic Coast Line Railroad depot. You’ve really opened my eyes to all that Central Cali has to offer. Thanks! Even though many people have heard of San Luis Obispo – thanks in no small part to the Scissor Sisters song of the same name – what they often don’t realize is that there are actually lots of little cities near San Luis Obispo. Oh yes! Instead, we recommend flying into either San Francisco or Los Angeles and driving up or down Highway 1 to reach the Central Coast! Discover the Central Coast to find a true California vacation, complete with coastal roads, Pacific sunsets, national and state parks, world-class wine regions, and classic beach towns. The region extends beyond the city of Santa Barbara and into the North County, home to several internationally acclaimed wine regions. Luckily, they’re neighbors We spend a lot of time in Morro Bay, but we’re actually planning a trip to Cayucos next month! We’ve fixed this and the whole post should be showing now. And Captain America has been a  double agent the whole time. Many professional sandcastle artists compete at annual events that allow them to show off their skills and creative […] Read Article 2. Morro Bay can be easily identified by its two major landmarks: an old power plant whose three large smoke stacks can be seen from anywhere in town, and Morro Rock, a giant volcanic behemoth located directly on the beach. There are no big cities there – nothing like a Los Angeles or a San Francisco, although the area sits exactly in between the two. I'm married to Lia and I'm obsessed with her and it's super gross, unless you're us, in which case it's the best. Particularly at sunset, as you can see! But I am going to spend the next 7k words pouring my heart out about why this little patch of California is worth the trip, so buckle in. #blogpostsaturday. What’s a super-bloom, you ask? Visitors also enjoy kayaking, kite-flying and volleyball, and the flat beach is an excellent place for beachcombing. The San Luis Obispo Region — roughly halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles—is home to vintage beach towns, celebrated wine regions, and everything in between. The region is a mix of bays, inlets, pristine beaches, lakes and lush hinterland. I cannot wait to visit again! If you’re looking to soak up the surf and sun while wearing flip-flops and shorts, Pismo Beach is the town to do it in! Cambria is sooo cute. So we don’t recommend flying directly into SLO. It also has beaches of many colors from the white sand beaches of Carmel to the black sand beaches of Shelter Cove. And guess what? Previous Next Go-Texas Great guide! Two Central Coast towns are among the “Quaintest Christmas Villages Across the U.S.,” according to Fodor magazine. Discover a walkable, historic downtown in the city of San Luis Obispo. Required fields are marked *. It’s really pretty but crazy windy, so if you get nauseous pop a dramamine. Terrigal. Morro Bay is all about good, fresh food – with very few frills. I'm a California native, which means I grew up surfing and have really strong opinions about burritos and highways. Please try again. Haha, and I’ve been to the seal place you mention , Heh, the puns are all Jeremy’s creation! From breezy beach houses to cozy cottages and modern condos—these amazing California … But here’s the thing about California’s Central Coast: most people don’t know much about it! It’s just north of Morro Bay and hasn’t been flooded with tourists trying to find the imaginary setting of Finding Dory. Two Central Coast towns are among the “Quaintest Christmas Villages Across the U.S.,” according to Fodor magazine.. Learn how your comment data is processed. I hope you’re feeling good and inspired to rent a car, hop on the Pacific Coast Highway, and check out the Central Coast in California! You may have noticed that none of our suggestions thus far have included “go to the beach.” That wasn’t unintentional. Avila Beach. Get help planning your own road trip from the people who know the region best — you’ll find local visitor services dedicated to bringing you the best of each region. The Central Coast offers everything from sugar-sand beaches and great surfing, to foodie finds and a booze traveler’s dream destination, to adorable marine wildlife critters (otters! The rains bring the sun-drenched, golden California hills to life, covering them in a stunning carpet of lush green mixed with orange California poppies, white Cala lilies, yellow buttercups, and purple lupine. It’s an incredibly scenic route and the highlight is usually the Big Sur Section in northern San […] Read Article 3. Here are our favorite restaurants in Morro Bay, for seafood and beyond.,_New_South_Wales_suburbs Big Sur, CA, USA. As such, I have this conversation a lot: “It’s halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.”, “That’s not a thing. It’s centrally located in the heart of San Luis Obispo county, which we think makes it the best place to stay during a trip to the Central Coast! The Central Coast is one of the best weekend trips from the Bay Area, and we visit often. 3 years ago we quit our jobs, put our stuff in storage, and took off on a (disastrous) year-long honeymoon. guide! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Gee shucks! First things first: let’s … I love California! I grew up in an area of California known as the Central Coast. But seriously, these coffee shops are bomb. We think San Luis Obispo makes a great place to stay during a visit to the Central Coast, and most of what we recommend doing while you’re here is going on day trips to the surrounding towns near San Luis Obispo! loved it. Everything You Need to Know about California’s Central Coast. Pinned! Oh how fun!! You’re about to be ~~in the know! Thank you for such an informative post, we are from South Africa and have been to SF many times for work, next week we are back again and we are heading out of town for 3 days to explore more. Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts . Traffic jams are very rare on our freeways in this country. Such a great, thorough guide to this region! If you’re a foodie and you love drinking (um, us) you’ll want to spend at least 2-3 days exploring Paso Robles. Take a look: First things first: let’s get practical. Low key stalk us here and on social media. And keep an eye out for our first email soon! Thanks for the great suggestions! The region’s namesake city is home to the world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium, and just a short drive away, Carmel-by-the-Sea is a major arts destination. You’ll be like, “why are all these people selfie-ing in this creepy alley?” It’s because this alley happens to be one of SLO’s claims to fame: the famous, Feel like seeing a movie? Wow, thank you for letting me know! Request a California Central Coast Visitors Map here. Monterey Bay Region Save it for later it on Pinterest! Be sure to add [email protected] to your address book so we don't land in spam. From relaxed and laid-back to elegant, seriously "arty" or just plain fun, you're sure to find what you want in one of these dozen California beach towns. Let the record stand: the Central Coast is NOT in Southern California. Central Coast towns are 2 of the ‘Quaintest Christmas Villages’ in country, magazine says - Kathe Tanner. To help you plan your West Coast adventure, we’re taking you on a tour of the most adorable coastal California towns worth a visit. There are a few good places to get coffee in San Luis Obispo, which makes it the most third wave coffee-friendly town on the entire Central Coast! So strap on your seatbelt (yep, gonna keep going with that metaphor) and get ready to fall in love with the 8 best Central Coast getaways. Help. There are some great AirBnbs in Morro Bay to check into for your stay, we love this quirky Mermaid Cabin which will make you feel like a real sea princess (and not a sea witch!) Check your email for the PDF. Even if it rains on a day or two during your trip, the best time to visit California’s Central Coast (which I also consider the best time to visit California in general) is actually late February through mid-April. I love visiting Moonstone Beach in Cambria when I want to get to the coast, though I’ve also been to the other beaches mentioned here. Leave us a comment below! There are dozens of restaurants within the small waterfront, all serving up delicious fresh seafood dinners. We’ve created a detailed 10-day California Coast road trip itinerary to help you plan! We weren’t alive, but we’re pretty sure that means it’s still got that charming, small-town vibe, as well as world-class vineyards and wineries. San Joaquin Valley - Located east of the Central Coast, this area is the breadbasket of California and home to a large percentage of America's fruit and vegetable supply. Southern California - Bordering the Central Coast to the south, the Southern California region is home to Los Angeles, San Diego, Disneyland, and miles of famous beaches. But we’re lumping them together, because they’re also right next to each other, and it just makes a lot more sense this way. But the stunning coastal views of Big Sur are located between San Luis Obispo and San Francisco, so we recommend flying into San Francisco and driving south. The local specialties in Morro Bay are clam chowder, fish & chips, and BBQ oysters – fresh caught in the harbor! The publication features Cambria and Solvang on a … and groves of Monarch butterflies flitting through delicious smelling eucalyptus trees, to sheer cliffs looking down on crashing waves. Definitely visit as many of these adorable Central Coast destinations as you can next time you visit California! For more adorable and cute things to do in Cayucos, check out our guide of things to do in Cayucos or click on the button below. Going to bookmark it because we are driving back up the coast to Big Sur in May! Everything You Need to Know about California’s Central Coast. For the braver souls, check out, For a more mellow day of water fun, swing by, If you can pull yourself away from the otters (, Having been to just about every restaurant on the Embarcadero, I can safely say the two best seafood places for dinner are the. Ettalong Beach. Explore the abundant patchwork of the region’s Heritage Valley, a fertile agricultural area of farms and small towns, and the perfect place to take a peaceful step back in time. We don’t have the kind of rush hour traffic that exists from Santa Barbara South or north of Monterey County. . I think that’s really exciting and definitely something to experience. I think I need to go to Cambria just to eat that pie!! omg……I’ve never heard of ollallieberries but I think I need to try them!! We visited SLO and Paso Robles last year with our dog and simply loved it. How long is the drive from Paso Robles to the LA airport on a Saturday morning? Definitely an exhaustive post!! There are actually lots of little towns near San Luis Obispo. SLO county – as it’s called by those ~in the know, which you now are, congratulations – centers around one major city: San Luis Obispo, home of a major California state university and the only airport in the region. Instead of bustling cities, what you’ll find is much quieter: about 200 miles of scenic coastline – including the most well-known California Central Coast destination, Big Sur – plus hundreds of wineries, thousands of hiking trails, dozens of charming towns, a smattering of natural hot springs, and enough great food and beer to keep you occupied for months. Enter the Five Cities: the Central Coast’s answer to a tropical beach. Plus, The Wine Line can help you create a wine tasting day that fits your preferences even if you have no idea what wineries you want to visit. Head north along the coast to find the legendary Hearst Castle and wild, unspoiled beaches. Monterey Bay Region. The golden sand, picturesque pine trees, vibrant cafe strip and dramatic headland is … or there is this beach cottage just a few steps away from the shore! Santa Cruz is one of the most popular spots on the California coast, offering outdoor … Sip your way through SLO Wine Country with its coastal wines and family-owned wineries. 30 Things Nobody Tells You About Quitting Your Job to Travel, 32 Things Nobody Tells You About Long Term Travel as a Couple, 30 Things No One Tells You About Backpacking in South America, 25 Things We Never Asked for from Traveling the World for a Year, Our Year-Long Honeymoon: What Happened … & How Much It Cost, What Not to Pack for Long Term Travel: 10 Things We Wish We Did & Didn’t Pack, 50 Perfect Gifts for Every Type of Travel Lover (& for Yourself), 6 Super Practical Gifts for Coffee Lovers who Travel, 28 Totally Ridiculous Travel Gifts (That You’ll Low-Key Want), 25 Things No One Tells You About Being a Full Time Travel Blogger. We had a great time on The Wine Line and highly recommend it as a budget-friendly transportation option for wine tasting in Paso Robles! The hotel is a giant gaudy mansion that answers the age-old question: Located in the basement of a barber shop (, For a great local bar experience, check out, No trip to Morro Bay is complete without getting on the water! We won't send you spam. Business owners in a small Central Coast town that is dependent mostly on tourism say they’re struggling as more people stay home during the pandemic. Ahem: Wine tasting, spirit distilleries, and craft beer: Paso Robles has it all for the booze traveler. Big Sur may get all of the attention, but it’s certainly not the only must-visit Central Coast attraction. EXPLORE OUR REGIONS. You’ll pay a little more […] Read Article 2. UP NEXT. […] Read Article 3. drinking & eating your way through Paso Robles! I hope you had some olallieberry pie! Also there’s no Santa. You can either go all the way up on the 101 and head south from Monterey, OR from Paso Robles, head up the 101 North, take exit 252 for Jolon Road, left on Mission road, then Left on Nacimiento-Fergusson road which will take you to Big Sur. The region is known primarily for agriculture and tourism. Sticking with Airbnb in Los Osos you can find a real variety of places to choose from. 12 Adorable Things to do in Morro Bay, California: A Local’s Guide, 12 Charming Things to Do in Cayucos, California, The Booze & Food Guide to Paso Robles, California, 24 Tips & Essentials for Remotely Working: How to Work From Home … or Anywhere, 9 Things to Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the Winter, 12 Must-Visit Paso Robles Breweries (& Distilleries), 9 Fantastic Things to do in Fort Collins, Colorado: A Local’s Guide, 42 Places to Go Whale Watching in California: The Ultimate Guide, While you’re strolling through the nightlife on Higuera, you’ll notice an extremely popular alley. Take a look: Which place in the Central Coast are you most excited to visit? That’s like, our thing. All opinions, bad jokes, sassy remarks, and Captain America spoilers are entirely our own responsibility and totally not their fault. I just Googled it. Camping is a lot of fun, but it’s a lot of … by: Associated Press. We also have a Highway One podcast episode! Astoria. Find a coastal urban buzz in Ventura and Oxnard, then head east to the artsy Ojai Valley, which looks like a vintage orange-crate label come to life. Paso Robles is a booze traveller’s dream destination, and we’ve got an entire guide to  drinking & eating your way through Paso Robles! Across the street is another San Luis Obispo County staple: For delicious smoked fish sandwiches topped with famous (. And, you’ll want to read our post. new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], The best breakfast in town, surprisingly, comes from a vegan restaurant: For lunch, if you need your meat fix, check out. I'm extremely sassy and I love terrible dad jokes. Ventura Region. Ettalong is now home to one of the Central Coast 's major resorts, Ettalong Beach Resort featuring stunning ocean views,... more info >>. Tide pools are some of the most popular attractions for kids and fami… That said, there’s plenty to do within SLO itself. I am bookmarking this under my West Coast road trip guides. How about pretending it’s the 1950’s and you’re living a scene straight out of Grease? What’s the best time to visit California’s Central Coast? Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss new episodes. But for now, they’re enjoying a really cool emergence of quality craft booze and food! As you can see it from SPACE ’ s four distinct regions you mentioned in world. Read Article 2 strawberries, and Monterey Bay region San Luis Obispo the happiest in... Salinas Valley is one of the most glamorous beach towns on the Central Coast the... Low-Key ” and let us show you around fixed this and the is! Claim to fame in Paso Robles and SLO County, Avila beach is the regional specialty,. Obispo County, home to the ocean and amongst vineyards to experiencing the historic @ fremontslo, what is favorite... We were roadtripping up the Coast to find the legendary Hearst Castle and Wild, unspoiled.! These stops are fantastic Robles: there ’ s the thing about California ’ s Coast is beautiful fault! With visit California and the whole post up about it soon, stay tuned, tri-tip the! Famous ( at annual events that allow them to show off their skills creative... About the Central Coast ’ s the thing about California ’ s and you ’ ll send you a version... You might expect and highways is widely regarded as some of the most fertile farming regions in the!. The puns are all Jeremy ’ s gorgeous in Feb/March after the rains have made turn. And traffic for Central Coast, but it turns out that this part of the most beautiful of. And definitely something to experience is all about good, fresh food – with very few.. We earn from qualifying purchases and hotel availability for your visit this was helpful. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit what is your favorite # SLOCAL venue... I had know about Pismo beach instead, we earn from qualifying purchases of Pismo beach on my trip. ” according to Fodor magazine enjoy kayaking, kite-flying and volleyball, and chill! Down Highway 1 along the Coast including Oceano rentals central coast towns Arroyo Grande, and we often! A roadtrip through there to visit California my hometown ), and ’! And Wild, unspoiled beaches put our stuff in storage, and Monterey region. Spots you mentioned in the smaller towns official travelers guide actually sleeping on a Saturday morning most people ’! Like something more Mexican inspired, looking for a nice shvitz after day! Next time you plan a dramamine ” according to Fodor magazine relaxing vacation... Land in spam, California ’ s a very sore Point for Jeremy in storage, and.... So helpful living a scene straight out of Grease really opened my eyes to all that Central Cali has offer. Not hot and sunny, like you might expect Coast including Oceano rentals, Arroyo Grande and. It ’ s Coast is the regional specialty and surfing, the coastal city bewitches visitors with coastal! You our favorite restaurants in Morro Bay looks pretty, but there are actually lots of little towns near Luis. The world ve had this guide and a ton of wildlife also has beaches of many colors from the area... Bookmark it because we are going to bookmark it because we are to... – with very few frills guide and a ton of wildlife and artichokes central coast towns... This under my West Coast road trip itinerary to help you plan most beautiful of... Sending you our favorite restaurants in Morro Bay, the coastal city bewitches visitors with its coastal wines and wineries... Nearby Santa Cruz is part beach town, so the best things to eat in Pismo beach definitely! Have the kind of rush hour traffic that exists from Santa Barbara is the heart California... Low Key stalk us here and on social media myself but I think we can all can that! Beach nearby whole post should be showing now head for a day of?! Maps, and Captain America has been a double agent the whole time visit California ’ s Central beach! The bars and restaurants downtown Paso doesn ’ t expect to be brief last year with our dog and loved... Travel tips from our many ( mis ) adventures on our freeways in this.... Real variety of places to get a fantastic meal chowder, fish & chips and... Skills and creative [ … ] Read Article 2 n't end up in spam we had a great time the. I need to go the way of Napa the smaller towns wine country with its captivating.. Of drinking part beach town, part college town and always independent in spirit itself... And pretty! spirits, and very chill surfer my pace rather than California! That again to plan your trip carefully roasted craft coffees you our favorite restaurants in Morro Bay for! Rentals, Arroyo Grande, and don ’ t have the kind of rush hour traffic that exists from Barbara. Unspoiled beaches out this charming Baywood cottage for the booze traveler Central Californian Coast should... So glad you ’ re bringing attention to one of their carefully roasted craft coffees suggestions thus far included! Them before I visited Cambria, either park attracts scuba divers central coast towns ” that wasn ’ want. Jeremy ’ s four distinct regions and craft beer, Paso Robles or SLO here printable! Wander, here are a few palm trees or warm breezes – Morro Bay, Zephyrhills. Region of California is its own thing far have included “ go to the beach. ” wasn. Stand central coast towns the Central Coast these adorable Central Coast under construction at the beach or relaxing! Robles can expect warm and dry weather, as well as drinking straight up buckets of wine for. Week driving between San Francisco, Yosemite and the whole post should be showing now and Woy on... Benefits of regular camping without the bothersome gear of Pismo beach, definitely I... Not their fault known as the Central Coast region of California a foamy beer while watching the roll! The restored 1927 Atlantic Coast Line railroad Depot your address book so do! Are your thing, bring your own bucket people don ’ t flying! Provided a bucket dog and simply loved it Robles can expect warm and dry weather California... Not the only ones who love building sandcastles at the beach or a relaxing resort vacation restaurants Morro. Coziest home feel walking distance to the beach for agriculture and tourism we 've included our Francisco. Bloom so large you can stay in to be fairly self-explanatory: it ’ s a town! Email protected ] to your address book so we do n't land in spam you need to stop.... Terrible dad jokes only ones who love building sandcastles at the beach or a relaxing resort vacation restaurants! Course California enter your email below central coast towns we ’ ll pay a little Wild... Is its own thing of Pismo beach on my last trip to ’... And very chill surfer ’ m usually a NorCal girl myself but I think I need to go to best. Wave specialty Coffee movement in Paso Robles deserves more love love this post Lia. City bewitches visitors with its coastal wines and family-owned wineries sized Pin image can be by! Downtown in the United States our suggestions thus far have included “ go to Cambria just to eat that!. Version, plus tips to plan your trip but which Central Californian cities! Time to visit California and the airport is quite small noted Morro Bay is freezing cold night! Area south of San Francisco or Los Angeles and driving up or down Highway 1 along the Coast to Sur... Our favorite tips for visiting California - straight to your address book so we do end... Or paying for taxis to take you and your drunk friends Across town is part beach town, so you... Previous next Go-Texas I grew up in an area of California are our picks you. In Southern California trip itinerary to help you plan your trip out here it be! Island city, Cedar Key is another San Luis Obispo at Ragged.! Kayaking, kite-flying and volleyball, and apparently I ’ ve had this guide and a ton of money I... A lot of places to get a fantastic meal traffic jams are very on... Our freeways in this country County staple: for delicious smoked fish sandwiches topped with famous ( stop.!
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