I had a similar issue. Glad it worked! It took about seven minutes of this until…voila! The battery held its full charge from the fall and I used it, but now that it died, it won’t recharge. How old is it? That could be a number of things – maybe there is still some string jammed in it? Hi Bridgitt, that could be a faulty charger or battery. The battery works as expected. Maybe someone else can help out if they read this. The battery was dead when I got it so I put it on charge. It sounds like it could be a heat issue? I tried all options but none worked. So while we all love the Li-Ion technology of modern day batteries, it does have some problems that older styles of battery didnt have to worry about. My guess is that there is something wrong with the tool. How does the voltage measure on it? hank you. Replacement generic battery did same thing. Good evening. The charger works fine to charge the other battery and the mower works. Any suggestions? Watch; P S 6 M 1 p o U 1 n s o r e 5 R d Z Y. 90-day money back and a 12 months limited warranty! Fantastic, I plugged my battery in and unplugged it 3 times and now it is fully charged. Aaron It sounds like the battery is not being charged – or possibly even that the charger is not detecting that a battery is plugged into it at all. I have a working battery and charger again. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE 1 You Too, Can Recondition Batteries The Complete Story 2. Thankx again you are doing a great job Battery had 12.5V. The entire unit, battery and weed eater are both in exceptional condition. Alan Brinkman. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix. Do you have a multimeter to test the battery voltage? It doesnt make sense to me as to why it would make a.difference but I’ll try. It shows as fully charged but when it’s used in only runs the tools for a few minutes and then quits. They charge fine and if I used the on a low draw system they work fine, but as soon as I put one in my lawn mower or weed whacker they run for a few minutes… stop… then a minute or two later then start up again. They should have new chargers in stock to test your battery on to work out which is at fault. Is it charging correctly? Garage is not heated and I just went out and saw that the charger was red. The weed eater and blower are only 18 months old and not used much. Charger or battery issue? Whether you have a Ryobi cordless mower, a pole saw or one of the many other tools available, a common problem with Ryobi batteries is when the charger shows green and red flashing lights. This is one of those topics that has experts divided. This question was also asked in our facebook group, but I will post the answer here as well for others to benefit: Hi Matthew, it sounds to me like a faulty battery. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. How do I get a batter off a RY4000A1 Weedeater? Not really enough info there to help out. How to Change Smoke Alarm Batteries. If you aren’t in too much of a rush and are looking to save some cash, then consider purchasing from a reputable online store such as Amazon. If the Handel slides off the button the mower cuts out. 6.0Ah For Ryobi 40 Volt High Capacity Lithium-ion Battery OP4015 OP4026 OP40601 . What in the world does this mean?? I spoke to Ryobi who told me that 6 years is over the lifespan of the batteries. You should be able to let your battery completely drain if it is used regularly. Arron my Ryobi charger shows solid red the battery has no charge and the light stays red when i try to use the weed eater it goes for a second then stops then goes the again any suggestions will be nice Another issue with all the mowers is that damn button that senses that the push bar is in place. I put in on the trimmer and nothing happens at all. The third, flashes on the very first light. There are ways to attempt to fix this problem; take a look at the possible fixes below. Rechargeable batteries like those found in Ryobi power tools can suffer from battery crystallization, or memory. It might be the tool. I pressed the button on the battery to see if It was fully charged and nothing lit up. ernie. Hi Josh, How old is it? The battery lights on the battery do not show up at all and when I put it on the charger it goes to green as if the battery is fully charged. I felt it might be the switch since it got so hot, so I did buy a new switch, I have the same problem seems like over heats something then springs back to life when it cools. Go to Youtube and search “Ryobi lawnmower shuts off fix”. Is there a prong/terminal missing in the second position? It does this over and over. When you put it on the charger the red and green light flashes on the charger. I have the ryobi mower with 2 batteries. It just stopped working this week when i was trimming my grass with the trimmer. After 4 minutes I put it in the good charger and it fully charged! Why does this work? help. Well each time you insert the battery into the charger, it gives it a small amount of charge before detecting the battery as sleeping. A replacement battery costs between $99.00- $145.00 the leaf blower cost was a little over $100.00. When I put battery in charger the flashing red light appears. So I have some good news for you; it is possible to fix most Ryobi 40V battery problems yourself. I cannot remove the battery from the hedger to charge. I have never dropped this drill and it is still in mint condition but I think it would be out of warranty? The battery will be 4 year old in 3 weeks. Not sure why it would display 100% charge, and have 40 volts on the terminals, but still not power anything. Thanks. It works fine. if this is the quality of your items, I would like to return the tool and get a refund. If you are interested, you can read more technical details about “priming” batteries here: http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_prime_batteries. But would certainly be interested in hearing about your results if you try it. How can correct this? Dear, in France it is called 36V (instead of 40V) but I suppose it is same. They have always been kept inside. Cells in a Ryobi battery are normally cycled from 3.5 to 4.1V, resulting in 4.8 Wh output/cell. I purchased a Ryobi cordless weed eater last year (I’m small so the model I selected works for my female/small build). my battery is a 2016 battery and it will not charge. Click here to see Amazon’s selection of Ryobi 40V Batteries and Chargers. I have, however, a different problem. Assuming your mower is like mine, check the bolts that hold the handle to the mower. I have two batteries so have had them hooked together as described for over one hour with no results. I’m not sure of the age. I used it one time in my trimmer and charged it. tools.) When I put the battery in the trimmer is does not work. Thanks for sharing your insight. Thank you very much for sharing your insight. It has 2 “charge light dot” visible when looking at the charge of the battery, but only one “charge light dot” when in the appliance (lawnmower in this case.) All of the 4 battery lights blink quickly for 5 times then once for a longer amount of time. On my mower, the bolt the handle swivels on was loose enough that the switch would vibrate so that the mower thought the handle wasn’t properly positioned for safe operation. It’s only about 3 years old. It has been sitting in my garage for several months, so the idea of “sleeping” makes since but it does not seem to take the charge from the other battery. Exclusive RYOBI 24 in. I attach battery and it blinks red three times, then blinks green three times, then solid red, then no lights whatsoever. Then I tried plugged in the charger with the battery already in it. And thank God! In 1 minute increments, followed by a charge attempt. It’s what you’d expect from RYOBI. I have 18 volt Dewalt batteries that I have left in the charger for a few weeks with never a problem. I’m having the same problem. when I disassembled them all but one had some blue green corrosion on both the top and bottom of several connection points on the board. Any ideas appreciated. Dirt on the terminals can be removed with a wire brush or an alcohol-soaked wipe. It is possible (but not likely) that the motor could have burned out. Amazon has other batteries such as Ryobi OP4030, or Lasica OP4050A. For Ryobi OP40261 40V 6.0Ah Lithium Battery/Charger OP401 40 Volt OP4040 OP40601. In your example, the 4.1V cell would lose about 1Wh of energy while discharging to 3.9V, based on what I’ve read on the internet. Or even a faulty battery. Hahaha! Put in charger all lights on battery come on, one flashing, and charger green light flashes for a minute then goes solid green—full charge. I have removed the hold down screw but need advice on replacing the post (removal mostly). So if you power off the charger for a while then plug it back in it still flashes red and green? It didn’t even flash green, just went to solid green right away with no indication on the end of the battery that it’s charged and when put into the weed eater…didn’t run. If I release the trigger, and tap the outlet or remove and replace the battery it will start but only runs for 30 seconds or so. Still showing full charge. My 40 volt lawnmower is cutting out with a battery level over half. The battery works to start the mower but once you turn the mower off, if you go to restart the mower you have to pull the battery out and reinstall it for it to work? Dear Lord, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for these tips! KUNLUN 40V 6.0Ah Lithium-ion Battery for Ryobi 40-Volt Collection Cordless Power Tools OP4040 OP4026 OP4030 OP4050 OP4060A Ryobi 40V Battery. Thanks for the article. The weed whacker is older than the drill, the drill is not even a year since I bought it. I then tried to put it back into the charger and it goes straight to solid green. Eventually this results in enough charge for the battery charger to resume normal charging operation. My Ryobi battery is ok. Because I had a replacement and tried with that also. I have 3 batteries and it takes all three to do my drive and our elderly neighbors too. Seems like a memory issue. Both chargers have the same “manifestations.” This all started after using my leaf blower with all three batteries, and trying to recharge. I would guess its likely the battery though. Hi Sherm thanks for the comment. I would doubt if it was used more than once or twice. On the top you can get to it to remove but there are several rather large solder connections that you will have to unsolder in order to get remove the board to get to the bottom of it. It COULD be a faulty charger? I put my 2.6Ah battery in the charger and it flashed green and finally solid green. A common occurrence? As batteries are discharged, the materials inside them crystallize, reducing the amount of material available to take a charge. Yep, certainly sounds like a battery that needs replacing. Charger or battery issue? This results in an effect known as battery memory. I have a 40 volt Ryobi that displays a 100% charge, but only has 19 volts on the terminals. When I test the battery in the trimmer it works for 2 to 5 seconds and then dies??? I jumped from the good battery charging terminals, to the defective battery +- terminals (with a spark!). I purchased the generic battery and the mower will run fine for about 30 seconds and then it shuts off. I currently have a Ryobi Trimmer Model P117 18 volt which is approximately 6 years old. Hi John, it could be a faulty battery? By ower speed ,I mean somewhere between half power and full power. Maybe your blower contacts are not connecting with the battery. I have two 40v battery/chargers(1 less than 1 year old) both stopped working. You could try opening the battery houding (just the plastic bit) up to see if you can see anything – but do be very careful as it can be dangerous. Hi Ken, I am not Ryobi – for their support I suggest you try this page: https://www.ryobitools.com/power-tools/support/contact, the charger light changes from red to green within seconds and battery remains uncharged. + to – = 19.9 volts I have this exact same problem. In our home, the highest DC supply I could find was 18V. The best way to test which is the faulty part, is to take your battery down to your local store that sells Ryobi 40V tools and try it on one of their chargers. How old are the batteries? Alternatively, use the contact form here or ask in our Facebook group. This method should only be used if you don’t have a spare battery or power supply as per option 1. If your terminals are corroded, then the corrosion can be removed with a piece of sand paper. There are two ways to try and wake up a sleeping battery. Excellent article. When I set them in the charger, they blink with at least 1 light on, sometimes 2……. I have had two of my batteries get stuck in my lawn mower over the last two weeks, and I think it’s a common problem that I’ve seen other people in the comments mention. Hey Aaron, This time the flashing red light quickly turned into flashing green light for a couple of seconds than came the alternating red and green light. Will not operate mower. Second, if I run the weed eater at a slower speed, it will run quite awhile. One of my Ryobi 40v lawnmower batteries only works until it is half discharged. Report item - opens in a new window or tab. once you get the rhythm it goes pretty quick. Press in the release button all the way and PULL HARD. Ryobi also states that their 4V battery will last for around 2,000 full charges before becoming defective. Sounds like you could have a faulty charger! If I forget and leave them in the charger for a day or two they don’t work anymore. This week, it's blinking red/green on the charger, and showing 30v across the pos/neg terminals. Well don’t panic yet because it isn’t always a sign that your battery needs replacing. Hi Dan, When did you purchase the battery? Do you think I got a defective charger or a defective battery? Brand New. It seems to reason to me near 40 volts as it shows fully charged. This is commonly known as the battery being in “sleep mode”. Would they work in my mower? About a month ago I jumped into the 40v pool with the brushless expand-it trimmer. Could be a faulty charger if not…. Unfortunately you probably need to get a new battery. Thank you so much. If I pull battery out and put back in it runs for less than a minute again and repeat. Ryobi defective 40v battery. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE 2 Table of Contents Introduction Why Do Batteries Need to be Reconditioned? 4.6 out of 5 stars 523. I had discovered method 3 myself. Arron, Ryobi claims that one of these batteries can last longer than 6,000 AA batteries. Stay safe. The lawnmower and the 2 batteries it came with. I eventually tried a different charger and it took a charge! Voltage measured between +ve and -ve terminals :33.9V It’s what I’m beginning to think. My 40v weed whacker does that when using the edger if it gets overtaxed. I have a 40 volt 5 ah Ryobi battery. It’s showing 19 volts more or less with a volt meter. Is there a way on the charger to bypass the sleep check function? Well don’t panic yet because it isn’t always a sign that your battery needs replacing. Here is our list of recommended non-genuine parts: Pricing last updated on 2020-12-02 at 19:02 / affiliate links - Details. Compatible with all Ryobi 40 Volt lithium-ion tools RY40200 RY40403 RY40204 RY40530 RY40460 RY40180 RY40250 and Ryobi 40 volt lithium battery chargers OP403A OP401A OP406A P137A OP404A ZROP401A OP400A RY40440. Eventually, this results in enough charge for the battery charger to resume normal charging operation. That is usually a sign that the battery has had it. I’d used the refrigerator option a couple of times in the past to get the temperature in range. But hey it was still good soldering practice! Does the battery go flat when the mower cuts out? I went to use the drill, grabbed the battery from the charger and it didn’t work. ADVTRONICS 40V 4.0Ah OP4040 Lithium-Ion Battery Compatible with Ryobi 40 Volt OP4050A OP4015 OP4026 OP40201 OP40261 OP4030 OP40301 OP4040 OP40401 OP4050 OP40501 OP40601 Ryobi 40 Volt Battery Lasica Replacement for Ryobi 40V Lithium Battery 6.0 Ah OP4040 OP4050A OP40601, Compatible with Ryobi 40-Volt Collection Cordless Power Tools Li-ion Battery and Ryobi 40V Lithium Battery … I am equally unsure why the battery initially showed 100% with 40 volts across the terminals, but now only has 19 volts and still shows 100%. I am trying to determine if I have a bad batteries or a bad charger. What this means is the battery has been discharged to such a low level that the charger has trouble detecting if the battery is healthy or not and decides to not risk charging it – showing the dreaded flashing red and green lights. Thanks in advance, Larry Green. Any idea’s. Has anyone experienced this? I tried method three, and all it did was ruin my charger. When placed in either of my devices it will not work. I really need to get this battery going, again! Hence, I tried your Option 3, pushing the battery into the charger for five green flashes, out, five green flashes, out, and so on. Should I take it back to the Home Depot where I got it and get a replacement battery or charger? The one that requires patience, the last one that you suggest, it works like a charm. Hi Alan, Sorry it took me so long to reply. How can I get the bottom part of the battery to work? Did you already experience this or are you interested in if I find ? Thanks for letting me know that our fixes worked for you! Why does this work? Thanks! Just runs a few seconds and shuts off. If it is a strength issue, then you might need to ask a friend or a neighbor for help? The battery still works for a few seconds. Removing and then replacing the battery does not cause the charger to wake up. No previous problems. I bought a new battery. Be sure to tell me your model numbers of your batteries/chargers etc so I can give the most relevant advice. Thanks. My 40v batteries fuel gauge stopped working a week or so ago. I would say its likely that it is a dead battery. When I plug in my Ryobi 40V Lithium Ion battery charger without the battery attached it has a solid red light. For replacement of 4V, 18V, 24V, and 40V batteries that are not under warranty, please visit The Home Depot. Help. Free shipping . Just bought a Ryobi 40v cordless hedger. You can purchase individual batteries at our competative prices or save even more by buying them in packs of one or two with a charger. Are you using the bag? I’ve just encountered the Red/green light flashing for my 36V 5Ah battery and am balking at the fact Use a second healthy, fully charged battery of the same voltage and connect the terminals matching polarity (positive-positive, negative-negative) using wires and leave them connected for a few minutes. Option 3 worked for me. I decided to purchase a reconditioned Ryobi Weed Blower from Home Depot that came with the same type of battery and charger for $89.00. Thanks. Exclusive. No problem! The new charger didn’t work! I’m so stoked! Ok then, 3 years old is where a Li-Ion battery generally starts to die. Took a while to figure it out but flat I discovered it. I have two chargers and three batteries (multiple Ryobi 40 v. This is a sign that your batteries are on the way out. Praise the Lord! I find it odd and am tired of purchasing a charger every 2 months. I would think that a new battery would solve your problems. This is a lithium ion battery and will have that "fade free" power that other lithium ion batteries offer. Sounds like a faulty battery to me. when i went to charge it, my charger light is green but the cells on the battery do not light up. I cannot release the battery. Otherwise, you might need to contact Ryobi support. It showed a full charge but wouldn’t work again. I press and hold the “?” Button on my battery, all four lights flash twice, pause, then flash twice again. Thank you for your help comments. Patience is required here – so read these instructions carefully and find somewhere comfortable to sit! The air temp is 18 degrees today, so I did not do the warm up thing again, but maybe tomorrow. What do you think I should do? I would appreciate your comments. though I never get the green/light result…but I will try it next. Hi Tom, I am not sure sorry. Maybe head across to our facebook page and like us there! Tool Rental. How old is the battery? does this mean it is stuffed? Brand new battery in July and the battery was left on the charger in the garage . Anyway, could you please give me some insight on what you think it might be? the symptoms are it starts fine blows for a minute or two then stops. The first thing I would check is if the contacts on the mower or the battery are dirty. RYOBI 40-Volt Lithium-Ion 4.0 Ah Battery and Charger (11) Model# OP4040A-03 $ 189 00. Contacted Ryobi. Aaron any idea on a Ryobi 40v hedge trimmer when the battery shows fully charged but the trimmer does nothing at all? What can be done to fix this?? I would try bringing the battery charger and battery inside, let it warm to room temperature then try charging again. I have a issue with one of my 40 volt Ryobi Batteries. What this means is the battery has been discharged to such a low level that the charger has trouble detecting if the battery is healthy or not and decides to not risk charging it – showing the dreaded flashing red and green lights. Has it got dirty terminals perhaps? Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Any ideas? Sounds like a battery that has just gotten old and tired. why would battery charger light stay green if battery is defective (only charges to 18 v)? My Ryobi 40v charger is flashing red and green with no battery in it. Energup Replacement 6.0Ah OP4050A 40V Lithium Ryobi Battery for Ryobi 40Volt Battery Cordless Tools OP4015 OP4026 OP40201 OP40261 OP4030 … Yes it is possible to replace the battery, I’m trying not to because of the expense. On the bad battery, the green status lights do not function at all anymore. A reasonable shown voltage can be a over-discharge battery. And yes, I’m guilty of leaving it on the charger way too long. What should the voltage output be between + to – terminals of the battery? Lights showing full charge, 19 volts and not working. Only charges the battery entirely , to 100%, when it wants to. Also the battery is nos accepting any charge. YOUR WEBSITE JUST SAVED MY BUTT!!! CDN$ 171.46 CDN$ 171. You could try testing the output voltage with a multimeter to see if there is voltage present. Sorry – no way to fix it that I know of. Not only did option 3 work for me on my 40V Ryobi but it also worked on my 18V milwaukee red lithium!